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the-series-philosopher-spotlessSpotless is a Franco – British television series co-created by Ed McCardie and Corinne Marrinan that premiered in France on Canal+ on March 16, 2015, produced by Tandem Communications (StudioCanal) in association with Rosetta Media. The series was renewed for a second season by the Esquire Network.


In London, Jean Bastière has been leading a quiet family life with his wife and two children for fifteen years. Perfectly integrated, he manages a crime scene cleaning business.

The balance of the harmonious existence is disrupted, however, when the brother, Martin, whom he has not seen for years, reappears. With this bulky brother, the secrets and wounds of Jean’s past resurface. Faced with old demons he had chosen to bury, Jean will also face other problems. When Martin arrives with the body of a woman hidden in his van, neither one suspects a year with serious consequences is about to start.


  • Marc-André Grondin (L’Imposteur): Jean Bastière
  • Denis Ménochet: Martin Bastière
  • Miranda Raison (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, 24: Live Another Day, Silk): Julie Greer-Bastière
  • Doug Allen (Five Days, EastEnders): Joey Samson
  • Liam Garrigan (24: Live Another Day, Once Upon a Time): Victor Clay
  • Ciarán Owens (Crazyhead, Arthur & George): Frank McElroy
  • Kate Magowan (EastEnders, Dream Team): Sonny Clay
  • Tanya Fear (DCI Banks): Claire
  • Naomi Radcliffe (The Visit, Born and Bred, Coronation Street, The Grand): Maureen Devine
  • Lucy Akhurst (Monarch of the Glen, Wonderful You): Nina Johnson
  • Jemma Donovan : Maddy Bastière
  • Niall Hayes : Olivier Bastière
  • Brendan Coyle (Downton AbbeyLark Rise to Candleford): Nelson Clay
  • Izabella Urbanowicz : Rosie
  • Tolga Safer : Hakan
  • David Avery (Brothers with No Game, Borderline): Yilmaz
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The Series Philosopher is a blog by P:S • Arts & Entertainment

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