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Life in Pieces

the-series-philosopher-life_in_piecesLife in Pieces is an American sitcom television series created by Justin Adler. CBS ordered the series on May 8, 2015. The show debuted on September 21, 2015, and was picked up for a 22-episode full season on October 27, 2015. On May 11, 2016, CBS renewed the show for a second season, which premiered on October 27, 2016.


The series chronicles the lives of three generations of the Short family as they go about their daily lives in Los Angeles County as told from the point of view of each character based on their own version of events. Each episode is told as four short stories, one for each branch of the Short family, with some connections related to the characters’ events.


Main cast

  • Zoe Lister-Jones (Friends With Better Lives, New Girl, Whitney) as Jenn Short.
  • Angelique Cabral (Enlisted, One Life to Live) as Colleen Brandon Ortega.
  • Niall Cunningham as Tyler Hughes.
  • Holly Barrett as Samantha Hughes.
  • Giselle Eisenberg (Believe) as Sophia Hughes.
  • James Brolin (Hotel, Marcus Welby, M.D.) as John Short.
  • Dianne Wiest (Law & Order) as Dr. Joan (Pirkle) Short.
  • Hunter King (Dexter, Bold & Beautiful) as Clementine Hughes.
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