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The 20 Best TV Series of all times

…according to The Series Philosopher, great lady with great taste.

I would like to meet someone who claims they have watched at least as many shows as I have. I know they are out there, somewhere, looking for me as well, wasting the pop corn we cannot share.

I have lived in several countries on several continents and I enjoy TV series from all over the world. And yet, weirdly enough, 90% of the shows that I have watched are from the United States. I have still managed to draw a list of 20 non-animated TV shows that I like the most in the entire universe. I wish there were room for The Mindy Project, My So-Called Life, This Is Us or Real Humans, but a Top 20 is a Top 20 (she wrote, as she had just dropped four more names). I can think of other shows that could easily make the list, but they haven’t been translated in a language I can understand (the Israeli The Jews Are Coming or Juda, the Japanese Heaven…), so I haven’t seen more than the first two episodes broadcast at TV show festivals.

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Spoiler alert: Dramedy is my favorite genre.


This list was made on June 25th, 2017. As much as I love them, this list does not include animated shows (this whole blog doesn’t include animated shows). Please note that to date, I still haven’t watched Game of Thrones, Frasier or Modern Family. 

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