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The Affair

the-series-philosopher-the-affairThe Affair is an American television drama series created by Sarah Treem (House of Cards, In Treatment) and Hagai Levi (In Treatment). The series premiered on Showtime on October 12, 2014. A TV-14 version of the pilot episode was made available online beginning on October 6, 2014, via YouTube,, and several other on-demand formats.


The Affair explores the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship between Noah Solloway and Alison Lockhart (Dominic West and Ruth Wilson) when they meet in the resort town of Montauk in Long Island. Noah is a New York City schoolteacher and Williams College alum who has had one novel published and is struggling to write a second book. He is happily married with four children, but he resents his dependence on his wealthy father-in-law. Alison is a young waitress trying to piece her life and marriage back together in the wake of her child’s sudden death. The story of the affair is depicted from Noah’s and Alison’s perspectives respectively, complete with memory bias.

In season two, the narrative is expanded to include the perspectives of their original spouses, Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney) and Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson) as they all move forward with the dissolution of their marriages and deal with the ramifications.

The subsequent death of Cole’s brother, Scott (Colin Donnell, Arrow, Chicago Med), and the ensuing police investigation and criminal trial, are explored in brief future scenes at the end of most episodes.


Main cast

  • Dominic West (The Wire) as Noah Solloway
  • Ruth Wilson (Luther) as Alison Lockhart (née Bailey)
  • Maura Tierney (ER, NewsRadio, The Good Wife) as Helen Solloway (née Butler)
  • Joshua Jackson (Dawson’s Creek, Fringe) as Cole Lockhart
  • Julia Goldani Telles (Bunheads) as Whitney Solloway
  • Jake Siciliano as Martin Solloway
  • Jadon Sand as Trevor Solloway
  • Leya Catlett as Stacey Solloway
  • Josh Stamberg (Drop Dead Diva, Parenthood) as Max Cadman, Noah’s best friend (season 2, recurring season 1)
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