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the series philosopher rogue wikiRogue is a police drama television series starring Thandie Newton. Though set in Northern California, the series is filmed in Vancouver. A Canadian-British co-production, the series was co-commissioned by DirecTV’s Audience Network, and the Canadian premium services The Movie Network and Movie Central.


Grace Travis begins as a San Jose police officer working undercover in Oakland to bring down Jimmy Laszlo’s criminal enterprise. After Grace’s son is murdered, she and Jimmy discover they have a common purpose. In the second season, Grace takes a new job as a handler for an FBI task force investigating corporate espionage in San Francisco. When a female undercover operative goes missing, Grace is forced undercover where she meets Ethan, a charming and enigmatic security consultant who might be responsible for the disappearance, or even death, of the operative.

Main cast and characters


  • Thandie Newton (ER, Westworld) as Grace Travis: a cop-turned-handler for an FBI task force investigating corporate espionage. She is Evie’s mother and estranged wife of Tom.
  • Cole Hauser (ER, High Incident) as Ethan: a disillusioned ex-soldier turned head of the Band of Brothers, soldiers united by a terrible secret they were responsible for two years ago
  • Andrea Roth (RoboCop, Rescue Me, Ringer) as Leni: a fallen FBI agent who is looking for a second chance within the bureau
  • Brendan Fletcher (Caitlin’s Way) as Spud: a newly married ex-soldier and father trying to keep the Brothers’ secret hidden
  • Alec Newman (Casualty, Waterloo Road) as Ray: Ethan’s right-hand man in the Band of Brothers
  • Rupert Evans (The Village) as Elliot: an FBI agent who runs the task force of Leni, Grace, and Sarah. Leni used to be his boss and romantic interest until her downfall.
  • Aleksa Palladino (Boardwalk Empire) as Sarah: an undercover FBI operative who has gone missing
  • Kavan Smith (Stargate: Atlantis) as Tom Travis
  • Sarah Jeffery (Wayward Pines) as Evie Travis
  • Martin Donovan (Weeds, Boss, Homeland) as Richard Campbell
  • Marton Csokas (Xena: Warrior Princess) as Jimmy Laszlo
  • Joshua Sasse (The Neighbors) as Alec Laszlo


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