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The Path

the-series-philosopher-the-pathThe Path is an American television drama series starring Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, and Hugh Dancy. The show portrays members of a fictional cult group called the Meyerist Movement.

The series was ordered by Hulu in March 2015 with a straight 10-episode-order. The series was originally titled The Way, but was changed to The Path in September 2015 for legal reasons. The show debuted on March 30, 2016.

Main cast

  • Aaron Paul (Big Love, Breaking Bad) as Eddie Lane, a convert to Meyerism with a wayward past. Eddie suffers a crisis of faith when all that he has come to accept as truth is fundamentally challenged.
  • Michelle Monaghan (Boston Public, True Detective) as Sarah Lane. Born into a Meyerist family, Sarah’s compassion and authority have made her an important figure in The Movement. Her devotion, however, is tested when she uncovers her husband’s falsehoods.
  • Emma Greenwell (Shameless, True Blood) as Mary Cox. Mary is an addict who’s been saved by Cal and a team of Meyerists after a tornado leveled her hometown. Now freed from a life of abuse, she becomes infatuated with Cal and devotes herself entirely to The Movement.
  • Rockmond Dunbar (Prison Break, Sons of Anarchy, The Mentalist) as Detective Abe Gaines. Abe is an FBI investigator who seems to be the only agent suspicious of the mysterious religious sect that recently responded to a natural disaster. As he delves deeper into the investigation,he faces personal troubles at home and is forced to reflect on his own faith.
  • Kyle Allen as Hawk Lane. Hawk is Eddie and Sarah’s devoted teenage son who wants nothing more than to drop out of high school and join The Movement full time. His loyalty wavers when a popular classmate pursues a relationship with him.
  • Amy Forsyth (Defiance) as Ashley Fields. Ashley is a popular girl at Hawk’s school who would normally have nothing to do with “a weird cult kid.” After a financial crisis hits home, she turns to Hawk and his family for help.
  • Sarah Jones (Big Love) as Alison. Alison is a defector of Meyerism who holds The Movement responsible for the mysterious death of her husband. She employs Eddie’s help in a search for answers and redemptions.
  • Hugh Dancy (The Big C, Hannibal) as Cal Roberts. Cal is the charismatic, unofficial leader of The Meyerist Movement. His ambition puts him at odds with the organization’s existing leadership and roils Sarah and Eddie’s already turbulent marriage.
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