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the-series-philosopher-bucketBucket is a four-part British sitcom about a mother and daughter on a road trip with the aim of fulfilling items on the mother’s bucket list. The series was written by and starred actress and comedian Frog Stone as Fran, and co-starred Miriam Margolyes as Fran’s mother, Mim.

It was broadcast on BBC Four in April and May 2017, having been announced in November 2016 by the BBC Media Centre.

Plot summary

Fran (Frog Stone) is a reserved, high school history teacher who is a 35-year-old virgin. Mim (Miriam Margolyes) is an 70-year-old eccentric, outspoken, free spirit who has had sex with many men but has never married. She believes 70 is the new 40. They are also mother and daughter and their relationship is not exactly easy.

But when Mim reveals she is dying of cancer and wants to go on a road trip to tick items, one by one, off her preposterous bucket list, Fran feels that she has no choice but to come along for the ride. She has to learn to let loose and Mim has to learn to think of someone else for a change. Both of them have to make the most of the time they have left together and find a way to accept the fact that it will soon be at an end. But with Mim and Fran, tragedy always somehow ends up as comedy.

Main cast and characters

  • Frog Stone as Fran
  • Miriam Margolyes (Nina Needs to Go, The Phoenix and the Carpet, Trollied, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) as Mim, Fran’s daughter
  • Stephanie Beacham (Boomers, Trollied, Beverly Hills, Dysnasty) as Pat, Mim’s cousin
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