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Some Girls

the-series-philosopher-Some_Girls_titlecardSome Girls is a British sitcom written by Bernadette Davis that airs on BBC Three. The show stars Adelayo Adedayo, Mandeep Dhillon, Alice Felgate, Natasha Jonas, Dolly Wells, Colin Salmon, Jassa Ahluwalia and Franz Drameh. It debuted on 6 November 2012 and the first series ran for six episodes.


Some Girls focuses on four 16-year-old schoolgirls – their lives, loves, and mundane teenager preoccupations, including: school, boyfriends, careers and sex. They live within the same housing estate in South London, and attend the same local school, where they all play for the demoralised football team.

The chief protagonist, Viva Bennett (Adedayo), aims to “stay motivated” with her A levels, in an ambition to become a celebrity child psychologist, on Living TV – meanwhile, she psycho-analyses her friends. Viva lives with firefighter-dad Rob (Salmon), her sex-obsessed younger brother, Jamie (Nathan Bryon), and her stepmother – Anna Hitchcock (Wells), a New Zealander who also happens to be an unsympathetic PE teacher and football coach, at the girls’ school – “Bitchcock”.

Viva and her close friends’ conversation spans history homework to their life goals, and they comprise:

  • Holli Vavasour (Jonas), who is prone to violent but entertaining outbursts, and looks after her younger siblings, with Viva as a mother-figure (since her own is absent).
  • Saz Kaur (Dhillon), an up-tight maths geek from a traditional British Punjabi/Sikh family, with a cynical but funny view of life.
  • Amber Dean (Felgate), a well-meaning but gullible and dim blonde, who is obsessed with boyfriends.



  • Adelayo Adedayo (Law & Order: UK) as Viva Bennett, the show’s protagonist. She is smart and pragmatic with aspirations to attend university to become a psychologist. She is later engaged to Rocky in Series 3.
  • Alice Felgate as Amber Dean, a happy-go-lucky, but dim-witted, girl who has an on-off relationship with her boyfriend, Brandon.
  • Natasha Jonas as Holli Vavasour, a violent and often angry girl who comes from a large family.
  • Mandeep Dhillon (Fried) as Saz Kaur, a sarcastic, up-tight, and bitter maths-geek who comes from a strict Sikh family. Due to her behaviour, is often called “weird”.
  • Dolly Wells (Doll & Em, Blunt Talk) as Anna “Bitchcock” Hitchcock, Viva’s New Zealander stepmother who coaches the girls football team.
  • Colin Salmon (Arrow, Limitless) as Rob Bennett, Viva’s father and Anna’s partner.
  • Jassa Ahluwalia as Rocky, Viva’s love interest and later fiancé
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