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the-series-philosopher-sense8-wikiSense8 (a play on the word sensate /ˈsɛnst/, meaning aware) is an American science fiction drama web television series created, written and executive-produced by Andy and Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski (Babylone 5, Crusade). A first season consisting of 12 episodes has been produced and became available for streaming on Netflix on June 5, 2015.

The plot revolves around eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked. The show aims to explore subjects that its writers felt science fiction shows, at least ostensibly, tend to ignore or skim through such as politics, identity, sexuality, gender and religion.

The Wachowskis directed most of the series, with the remainder divided between their previous collaborators Tom Tykwer, James McTeigue, and Dan Glass. The series is the first produced under the banner of Straczynski’s Studio JMS.

Sense8 tells the story of eight strangers: Will (Brian J. Smith, Gossip Girl), Riley (Tuppence Middleton, Sinbad, Black Mirror), Capheus (Aml Ameen, Harry’s Law), Sun (Bae Doona), Lito (Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Velvet), Kala (Tina Desai), Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) and Nomi (Jamie Clayton, Are we there yet?), each individual from a different culture and part of the world. While living their everyday lives they suddenly have a vision of the violent death of a woman called Angelica (Daryl Hannah, The Last Don) and find themselves reborn as Sensates; otherwise normal human beings who are mentally and emotionally connected, being able to communicate, sense, use each other’s knowledge, language and skills. While trying to both live their lives and figure how and why this connection happened and what it means, a mysterious man named Jonas (Naveen Andrews, Lost) possessing the same ability tries to help the eight and protect them from another stranger called Whispers (Terrence Mann) who is similarly empowered and is hunting them down to tap into their psychic link and capture them all.

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