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S01E01: Did the United States get the president it deserved?

By electing Donald Trump, an overtly racist, homophobic and misogynist billionaire as president, has the US gotten just the president it deserved?

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S02E16: On the genealogy of corporate morality

Can we blame companies for being unethical, even though they did not break any laws? Are they supposed to abide by moral principles or is capitalism by principle immoral? How … Continue reading

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The Series Philosopher is on Facebook 2!

This January 2016, the blog The Series Philosopher turns 2! To celebrate this anniversary, we opened a dedicated Facebook page for series junkies and philosophy enthusiasts! Follow us here!

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S07E05: Pretending to be busy at work

This article is a reedition of “Pretending to be under pressure at work” with the TV show W1A. Mom offered me a tiny book the other day: “50 golden rules … Continue reading

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S01E05: “Age doesn’t matter! You can die at any time!”

  Is age just a number? Where does the fixation on age come from? Do we really want to be forever young? In the fifth episode of the first season … Continue reading

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S03E14: Reducing people’s identities to a religion or a skin tone

What defines a person’s identity? Is it their ethnic group, their religion, their sexual orientation? In Portrait of the Anti-Semite (1945), Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) argued: “The Jew is a man … Continue reading

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S01E03: Pretending to be under pressure at work

Mom offered me a tiny book the other day: “50 golden rules to survive in business”, I have read two rules so far. One of them was: “Always pretend to … Continue reading

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S01E06: Is transgendering/cross-dressing obscene?

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus (c. 535 – c. 475 BCE) said: “Nature is wont to hide herself“. The obscene is, in a way, a product of staging. The etymology of the … Continue reading

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S03E13: What is the point of getting married if no one can see?

What is the point of living, helping, cleaning up, getting dressed up, succeeding in life, if no one can see? Why is it so important for marriage, in particular, to … Continue reading

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S04E03: Love and physical appearance

What is the role of looks in human interactions? Does your appreciation of someone’s physical appearance condition your bonding with the person? [Also read: Do We Trust People Based On … Continue reading

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S02E21: “Look, just because we’re good-looking doesn’t make us villains.”

Are you more suspicious of good-looking people? In the twenty-first episode of the second season of Community (NBC), the group remembers what an awful year they have just spent: Abed … Continue reading

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S01E12: “The worst in people”

Is man inherently good or evil? Is goodness innate in man? In the twelfth episode of the first season of New Girl (FOX), the roommates Jess and Nick keep fighting … Continue reading

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