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Haters Back Off

the-series-philosopher-miranda-sings)Haters_Back_OffHaters Back Off is a television comedy series starring Colleen Ballinger, based on her character Miranda Sings, that was released on Netflix on October 14, 2016. The “surreal and absurd” series centers around the family life of Miranda Sings, a sheltered, self-absorbed, overconfident and untalented young performer who seeks fame on YouTube. The half-hour episodes depict Miranda’s road to fame, and the price she pays for trampling on the feelings of others, from the time she uploads her first video until one of her videos goes viral. The show co-stars Angela Kinsey as Bethany, Miranda’s mother, Steve Little as Jim, Miranda’s uncle, Francesca Reale as Emily, Miranda’s sister, and Erik Stocklin as Patrick, Miranda’s best friend. Netflix describes the show as “a bizarre family comedy, and a commentary on society today and our fascination with fame.”

The show was developed by Colleen Ballinger and her brother, Christopher Ballinger, together with showrunners Gigi McCreery and Perry Rein. It is produced by Brightlight Pictures. The show is named for Miranda Sings’ signature catchphrase that she uses when responding to negative comments on her YouTube videos. The series’ eight episodes were released simultaneously worldwide. The show is one of the first scripted series created by a YouTube personality.



  • Colleen Ballinger (Dr. Fubalous) as Miranda Sings, a talentless, egotistical, quirky, home-schooled young “want-to-be star”.
  • Angela Kinsey (The Office U.S, New Girl, The Hotwives) as Bethany, Miranda’s hypochondriac mother
  • Steve Little (Nobodies, The Grinder, Kenny Powers) as Jim, Miranda’s enabling uncle and manager
  • Erik Stocklin (Mistresses, Stalker, First Day) as Patrick Mooney, Miranda’s best friend and neighbor
  • Francesca Reale as Emily, Miranda’s exasperated, voice-of-reason-and-normality sister
  • Matt Besser (The Hotwives of Orlando, Parks and Recreation, The Back Room, Reno 911!) as Miranda’s father. (Season 2)


  • Chaz Lamar Shepherd (Me and The Boys, 7th Heaven, The Game) as Keith, a local pastor
  • Dylan Playfair (Letterkenny, Some Assembly Required) as Owen Trent, the church choir’s dreamy but narcissistic guitarist
  • Harvey Guillen (Huge, The Magicians, Eye Candy) as Harvey, the manager and son of the owner of the fish shop
  • Lindsay Navarro as Kleigh
  • Rachelle Gillis as April
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