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Go On

the series philosopher Go On wikiGo On is an American sitcom created by Scott Silveri (Friends, Perfect Couples, Joey), that aired on NBC from August 8, 2012 to April 11, 2013. The series starred Matthew Perry (Friends, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) as Ryan King, a sports talk radio host trying to move on from the death of his wife Janie (played by Christine Woods, Hello Ladies) and finding solace from members of his group therapy sessions, that his boss and best friend Steven (John Cho, Sleepy Hollow) forced him to attend. In these therapy sessions, Ryan bonds with everyone, meaning:

  • Lauren Bennett (Laura Benanti, Royal Pains, Nurse Jackie), the group’s poorly trained leader. She fancies herself “in charge” of the group’s emotional well-being.
  • Anne (Julie White, Grace Under Fire, Alpha House, Six Feet Under, Nurse Jackie), a lesbian prosecutor coping with the death of her partner, and stuck in the “anger” stage of grief.
  • Yolanda Mitsawa (Suzy Nakamura, Dr. Ken), an anesthesiologist whose fiancé left her, and who feels that everything is “too sexual”, including jazz and cats that continue to rub against her.
  • Owen Lewis (Tyler James Williams, Little Bill), whose brother is in a coma following a skiing accident. He is extremely shy in the beginning, though he has come out of his shell quite a bit since Ryan has joined the group.
  • “Mr K.” (Brett Gelman, Married, Love, Bad Teacher), a mysterious member whose first name is Benjamin and who designed NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover’s sampling arm, coping with grief that the others are too afraid to ask him about.
  • Sonia (Sarah Baker, In Gayle We Trust, The Crazy Ones, Louie) who is grieving over the death of her cat, Cinderella.
  • Danny (Seth Morris, (Love, The League, Happy Endings), a member of the group, a discharged soldier whose wife had a son with another man while he was on deployment.


Among the recurring characters, we find:

  • Wyatt (Hayes MacArthur, How I Met Your Mother, Perfect Couples, Whitney), Lauren’s chiropractor fiancé.
  • Carrie (Allison Miller, Kings, Terra Nova), Ryan’s assistant, on whom she has a crush. The penultimate episode of the series reveals that these feelings are mutual, and she quits her job so that they are free to carry out a relationship.
  •  Fausta (Tonita Castro, Dads), a member of the group, who is grieving the death of her father and brother.
  • George (Bill Cobbs, Rake), a member of the group who is blind.


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