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One Mississippi

the-series-philosopher-one-mississipi-tig-notaroOne Mississippi is a semi-autobiographical American comedy television series created by comedian Tig Notaro (Transparent). The pilot episode aired on Amazon Prime on November 5, 2015, and was picked up for a full series after positive feedback from audiences. Diablo Cody and Louis C.K. (Louie, Horace and Pete, Better Things, Baskets) worked on the series as executive producers. One Mississippi premiered on September 9, 2016. On November 14, 2016 Amazon renewed the show for a second season.


Los Angeles radio host Tig Bavaro returns to Bay St. Lucille, Mississippi when receiving news her mother Caroline will be taken off of life support following an unexpected fall. Recovering from both a double mastectomy and a C. difficile infection, Tig moves in temporarily alongside her brother Remy and her stepfather Bill. While caring for family affairs after Caroline’s death, Tig learns about her mother’s past as it was lived, rather than as Tig first remembered it, and in doing so rediscovers life in Bay St. Lucille.


  • Tig Notaro (Transparent) as Tig
  • Noah Harpster (Transparent) as Remy
  • John Rothman (Guiding Light) as Bill
  • Rya Kihlstedt (DexterNashville, Ray Donovan) as Caroline
  • Casey Wilson (Happy EndingsMarry Me) as Brooke
  • Stephanie Allynne (Dream Corp LLC) as Kate
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