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2. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country of origin: U.S.
  • Original release: 2005-Today

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Some funny quotes:

Sweet Dee: I’m not asking you to do much. Just turn a blind eye while I rob this place stupid.


Charlie and Dennis: [Singing] Dayman, fighter of the Nightman, champion of the sun, you’re a master of karate and friendship for everyone. Dayman!


Dennis: You know what, Dee? I don’t wanna hear about your dreams, okay? I hate listening to people’s dreams. It’s like flipping through a stack of old photographs. If I’m not in any of ’em and nobody’s having sex, I just- I don’t care. 


Charlie: Do wasps make honey?

Dennis: No wasps do not make honey.

Charlie: Alright well I’m gonna check it out anyway, there could be something delicious in here that wasps do make and I want that.


Frank: Charlie, I need a woman. I need a woman to…to cook for me, and clean up after me, and somebody that will do everything I say.

Charlie: Well, that’s just a maid. You want a maid?

Frank: Yeah, that’s right, a maid. A maid I can bang. A bang-maid.

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