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16. Veep



  • Genre: Political satire, comedy
  • Country of origin: US
  • Original release: 2012-Today

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Some funny quotes:

Dan: Wait a second. So— Ma’am— So you’re the one who’s pregnant?

Selina: I might be pregnant.

Dan: So we’re looking at a wedding.

Selina: Or a suicide. I haven’t decided which.


Mike: How you feeling?

Selina: Well, I’m a political leper, and I’m emotional time bomb. So here’s an idea: let’s put me onstage.


Furlong: Here’s my favorite part, where they all pretend like they like each other. Fuck Broadway, this is real acting.


Amy: I feel like I’m on a life support machine and they keep pulling the plug… to charge their phones!


Selina: What would you guys do if you had to choose between your cock and your balls?

Ben: I could lose them both. I mean, at this stage they’re purely decorative.


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