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13. Weeds


  • Genre: Dramedy
  • Country of origin: U.S.
  • Original release: 2005-2012

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Some funny quotes:

Andy Botwin: Hey, Lupita, settle an argument for us, what do you call the thing between the dick and the asshole?

Lupita: The coffee table.


Doug Wilson: Nance, trust me, a bakery is virtually impossible to run without drug money.


Silas: You didn’t tell me she couldn’t sleep over. C’mon, Nancy.
Nancy Botwin: [irritated] Stop calling me Nancy! My name is *Mom*. Or ‘Mommy Dearest’…


Doug Wilson: It’s a weed wonderland, Nancy. It’s like Amsterdam only you don’t have to visit the Anne Frank house and pretend to be all sad and shit.


Dimitri’s partner: [the guys are playing Do her/Don’t do her with Nancy and Jill. One of them stands up, walks towards them and points Jill] Do her
Dimitri’s partner: [Then point Nancy] Don’t do her
Nancy Botwin: [while Jill looks really happy behind her, Nancy says ironic] Oh no, I lost the rape contest

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